Private Classes



■ Flexible schedule based on your schedule (limited availability on weekends).

■ 12 hrs of 1 on 1 instruction with undivided focus on your needs. Divided over 6 hrs Classroom curriculum and 6 hrs of lot time. (Can be done over 2 to 3 sessions.)

■ You get a private lot with a controlled environment.

■ A Motorcycle is provided and a jacket if necessary (bring your own helmet and gloves).

■ MSA/MST test provided on site.

■ 1 HR Private Road Ride (scheduled another day)

■ 1 HR mock icbc road test

■ A free motorcycle rental for your road test.

EXTRA PRIVATE LESSONS $100/hr, $125/hr for non-student (BOOSTER TRAINING) Feel like you need more time to work on some of your skills after the course? Or perhaps it's been a while since your course and you haven’t been on a motorcycle since? Still feel uneasy about it? We provide extra 1 on 1 training to help!

■ We work on the skills you want and what we think you need to work on.

■ A motorcycle is provided.

MST PRACTICE $125 ($60 every additional hour after that).

Need to practice your MST before your test at ICBC? We can set up the test to the measurement of your motorcycle and help show you some tips.

■ Our private lot, your motorcycle.

PRACTICE ROAD TEST (PRT-if not included in your pkg) $100. $120 for non-students.

■ 1 on 1 with an Instructor. We will put you through the paces just as if you are on a road test with ICBC.

■ You get wired with a communication device so you can have real time conversation with the instructor.

■ PRTs can be from ICBC locations in Richmond, Burnaby and Port Coquitlam with your own bike (bikes provided for Hella Rider students only).


Traffic Clinic 1 (2hrs): is available for those students who want to become comfortable and learn how to be safe on the streets by looking for threats on the road. The proper rules of the road will be followed. This will be an easy paced ride, through city streets, neighbourhoods, school/playground zones. Riders will then get on the highway and learn how to properly enter/merge/exit. You will learn to gauge trucks, turbulence and other hazards. Maximum 3 riders. Cost: $150

■ Traffic Clinic 2 (2-3hrs): this clinic is all about cornering. The rider should be a somewhat confident rider on the streets. This clinic will take us on the highway and head towards Lighthouse park on the back roads. We will be practicing how to corner properly on a real road! Maximum 3 riders. Cost: $160